• Lindsay Fasser

Ksana Health Recognized as a “Groundbreaker in Healthtech!"

From left: Co-founders of FleetNurse Corrina Pigg and Israel Angeles. Co-Founders of Ksana Health, Will Shortt and Dr. Nick Allen.

Credit: Jacob Pace/For the Register-Guard

Ksana Health was recently featured in The Register-Guard alongside fellow Eugene-based startup, FleetNurse. We both received recognition for our innovative approaches to changing existing healthcare systems, using advances in technology to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. As stated in the feature, we are excited to meet traditional start-up challenges head-on, uplifting fellow mission-driven organizations.

"Perhaps the most interesting take-away from the meeting with the founders of FleetNurse and Ksana Health was their willingness to share information in support of one another.[...] The health care industry is immensely complex and it is unlikely that any single company or individual can be a complete domain expert, but the willingness of the founders of FleetNurse and Ksana Health to collaborate bodes well for their future success."

Check out the full feature here!

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